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Ancestral Herbiary Founder

Ifayomi Fasola

Ifayomi, a St. Louis native with roots in Mississippi, is an Ifa Priestess, also initiated in Egbe and Olokun. While having a life experience with Rootwork, she has a background in Organic Chemistry & Nutritional Wellness. She incorporates her experience as a Iyanifa, studies with Mvskokxe elders, into her work.

Client Testimonials

“The overview 2021 reading that I NEEDED to hear from Iya Ifayomi was everything. Thank you so much for confirming and holding space for me this morning. Also affirming my anxiety and that it isn’t something I’m making up.”​

“Had a year in advance reading with Iya Ifayomi today and it was such a beautiful experience. For starters, her voice is like a warm hug. It felt like I was talking with a friend. She created such a safe space to truly be open and vulnerable.”​

“I recently had a year in advance reading from her, & it has changed my life already in the best way. Thanks to her amazing & easygoing communication, my anxiety began to dissipate because she helped me feel so comfortable. I felt like I could take on anything.”​