A Basic Herbal Infusion

A basic herbal infusion can be made from the leaf, flower, & the more delicate or aromatic parts of any nutritive herb that you decide to use. 

Herbs that are good for infusions are: 

• Chickweed (any above ground parts)

• Dandelion (the leaf)

• Lamb’s Quarters (the leaf)

• Nettle (the leaf)

• Violet (the aerial parts)

• Hawthorn (the leaf and flower)

• Oat (the milky seed and straw)

• Raspberry (the leaf)

• Red Clover (Aerial Parts)

How to make an herbal infusion: 

What you’ll need:

*1 quart of water

*Nutritive Herb(s) of your choosing

• Dried herb : 1/4 cup

• Fresh herb : 1/2 -3/4 cup


1. Bring water to a boil

2. While water is boiling, crush hers in hand or with mortar and pestle to help weaken the plant’s cell walls – this will help with extracting the medicine from the plant. Once done, place herbs in a glass jar or french press.

3. Pour hot water over the herbs

4. Cover the glass jar to prevent volatile oils from escaping with the steam

5. Steep for 5-20 minutes. Steeping time can vary depending on the herb and other factors (ie strength). You can even steep for 8 hours overnight in the light of the moon!

6. Filter herbs using a tea strainer and squeeze out as much liquid as possible. 

7. Drink immediately or within 24 hours of making. 

NOTE: some highly aromatic herbs like chamomile and lavender can only steep for 3-5 minutes, or you run the risk of the drink being bitter.

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