Our Mission

Herbalism is allowing & promoting bodily autonomy for anti-colonialism resistance, but particularly Black resistance. Whether we’re talking about emancipation from slavery or incarceration or medical apartheid, we’re talking about bodily autonomy. When we give people the skills to heal themselves as much as possible and connect that to how our ancestors would heal themselves as an act of resistance and self-determination, they gain the confidence to push back against the running narrative.

This is what we seek to do within Ancestral Herbiary, to assist you with gaining the confidence to push back against the narrative. To equip, and heal the whole person so that your quality of life can be improved.

Meet Our Team

The friendly faces you’ll find when you work with us!


Owner, Herbalist, Onisegun, Iyanifa she/her

Ifayomi combines her knowledge herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, homeopathy, study as an Iyanifa, & Onisegun, along with other tools to help you manage your overall health.  She focuses on wellness and emphasize prevention and self-care.  We seek to heal the underlying causes of health problems and not just the symptoms.


Executive Assistant, Birth Doula she/her

Deniece works as a Birth and Postpartum Doula. She hopes to incorporate her knowledge in the power of herbs, and use them in her Birth Work. With a combination of herbs and crystals, Deniece helps people prepare a calm and powerful birth, proper postpartum healing, and support for healthy and successful breastfeeding.


Customer Service, Herbal Apprentice he/him

Lamont, while providing outreach to his community, has been learning under Ifayomi in ways to incorporate herbalism in the lives of Black Men locally. He currently uses fashion as a method of outreach.