Planetary Signatures/Influences on Plants

Posted by Iya Ifayomi Fasola - Initiated Practitioner on 15th Jan 2021

Here's some signature based info on the influences planets have on plants/nature:

– The elements are said to be ruled by the following planets:

Earth: Mercury and Saturn
Water: Moon and Venus
Fire: Sun and Mars
Air: Jupiter,
Ether: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus


  • – Bright yellow, golden radiant colors and shapes, affinity to sunlight
    and sunrise/sunset.
  • – Personal success, health, prosperity, fame, confidence, authority, vitality
  • – Calendula, Sunflower, Safflower


  • – rules all the water on Earth; thus it is related to watery and cooling plants and places,
    night blooming flowers (Evening Primrose)
  • – Flowers that open only with the full moon at night (Night-Blooming Cereus)
  • – Silvery whitish colors and moon-sickle shapes (Mugwort Foliage
  • – Healing affinity to the internal fluids, brain and reproductive organs,
    governing conception, pregnancy, and growth.
  • – Psychic awareness, emotions, childbirth, and fertility, subconscious mind, dream work,


  • – Asymmetric shapes (Elm)
  • – Swiftness in going to seed (Elm)
  • – Relationship to the air element and so on (flying Elm seeds)
  • – Finely divided or feathered leaves, winding plants, healing affinity to
    the lungs and respiration, swiftness of thought, mobility, digestion.
  • – Communication, eloquence, intellect persuasion, job opportunities, luck, divination,
    quickness, focus, humor, humor, health
  • – Communication, eloquence, intellect persuasion, job opportunities, luck, divination,
    quickness, focus, humor, humor, health


  • – Pink and pastel colors, lovely scents, beautiful showy flowers, harmony, softness, loveliness, copper color or content of the metal copper (European Birch)
  • – Healing affinity to areas of the body that are typically found attractive:
    – Eyes
    – Skin
    – Kidneys
    – Sexual Organs
  • – Romance, friendship, beauty, the arts, artistic expression, pleasure, attractiveness, sensuality


  • – Bright red, spines, thorns, plants with a relationship to fire or iron,
    possibly burning (Stinging Nettles)
  • – Rich in iron, upright in growth and very well defended by glassy hairs
    that burn upon touch—and which loves iron-rich soils.
  • – Healing affinity to blood and body heat, muscle and will power, and gallbladder.
    – Cullpeper attributes nasty, sick-making effects of herbs and violent poisoning to Mars.
    – Berberis, Hawthorn, as well as pungent Garlic, Horseradish, and Basil.
  • – Courage, strength, protection, victory, overcoming obstacles through determination, motivation, and sexual force


  • – Golden colors and crown-like shapes such as of Maple leaves,
    edible plants, fruits and nuts
  • – Healing affinity to the liver
  • – Apple, Paracelsus Sweet Chestnut, Agrimony (liver healing and
    yellow), Burdock, and Fig.
  • – Ambition, fame, honor, law, expansion, recognition, leadership, spiritual awareness


  • – Stiff and rigid structures as of old age or the skeleton, “sclerotic” or
    hard structures
    – bones
    – Teeth
  • – Killing off other plants around oneself (Pine)
  • – Healing affinity for hardening such as Prunes which soften hard
    stool, and the spleen.
  • – Endurance, shielding, grounding, past lives, slowing, patience, practicality, structure

**The next three planets are considered the "Outer Planets" These planets typically deal in with the 'ether' element


  • Useful in dream working, trance, and hypnosis
  • Intensify the imagination and lead to concepts, visions, and ideas far beyond the physical plane
  • Herbs can be used by those developing telepathy and astral projection
  • Many of the Neptunian herbs are mind-altering, and intoxicating
  • Creativity, artistic inspiration, imagination, fantasy, mystery
  • Poppies, Lobelia, Lotus


  • Excite, energize, and stimulate the human energy system and thought process.
  • Assist with inspiration, practical idealism, genius, and the development of telekinesis.
  • Plants influenced by Uranus stimulate the nervous system, in particular the brain wave patterns
  • Stimulate change on all levels and sometimes lead to unforeseen results
  • Allspice, Calamus, Guarana


  • – Transform and illuminate the shadow side of ourselves
  • – Brings about dramatic, sometimes traumatic, growth and promote
    into cataclysmic circumstances.
  • – Act on the unconscious levels of the brain and upon the thalamus portions of the
    brain, which dictates instinctual response
  • – Aid the sexually impotent and help to balance the physical self with the spiritual self.
  • – Saw Palmetto, Damiana, Rye

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