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First Time

Had my first divination with Ifayomi…y’all, YALLL. I don’t even have the words to describe how wonderful and affirming it was. BOOK W/ HER!!!!!!!!!!

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My First Time

Yo, if you have been thinking about or somethings been pulling you to get a reading, *do your googles* BOOK HER! Got my first ever divination yesterday. LIFE CHANGING! Also got confirmation my people loud af lol

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It was a lovely and transformative experience.

Had a bones divination with Ifayomi in Feb. POWERFUL is an understatement. Ifayomi was supportive and honest in relaying tough messages. It was everything I needed to hear and right on time. Ifayomi also took time with reading. I didn’t feel rushed. It was casual, comfortable and healing. It was a lovely and transformative experience. Thankful that Ifayomi shares her gift with us

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“Often, people take herbal medicines for a physical response,
but what they find is that the body responds in an
emotional way to the plant medicine they’re taking.” 

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