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It came to my attention that many of the remedies I post or that you may come across, may be in a terminology that’s slightly confusing. I want to provide some information on that 🙂

Many herbalist use this method because it’s not only effective, but simple and versatile. You may come across a recipe that is referred to as: 3 parts passionflower, 2 parts bay leaf, 1 part calendula. 

A ‘part’ is any unit of measurement you want it to be:

  • cups
  • ounces
  • tablespoons
  • teaspoons

The goal is to use the same unit of measurement throughout for each ‘part’ in a recipe. The ‘part’ measurement determines the ratio of ingredients in a recipe, and it allows you to make each recipe in the amount you need. 

The goal is to keep the unit of measurement consistent throughout the recipe.


3 parts passionflower = 3 tablespoons passionflower = 3 teaspoons passionflower

2 part bay leaf                = 2 tablespoons bay leaf.              = 2 teaspoons bay leaf 

1 part calendula.           = 1 tablespoon calendula.             = 1 teaspoon calendula

Hope this helps! 

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