Olokun Ose Dudu & Omiero


Olokun Ose Dudu & Omiero


When we speak of  the Ancestral waters of life , we speak of waters that have a form of “natural consciousness”, that flow and nourish, that feed the essence of Maternal caring that relates to the protection of children. These are powerful forces of Mother Nature.
OLÓKUN represents the prosperity of the ocean and its mysteries , but also its riches and stability. This omiero, while it’s formula will differ every month, is made up of different OLÓKUN herbs that can bring both riches and stability. OLÓKUN also deals with aspects of our shadow. She brings forth the elements of our Ojiji, obstacles that we have created & that are self-inflicting, encouraging us to work through them in order to seek the blessings we’re asking for.
This product is not just for opening the roads for abundance of different variations, but assists with the aligning of one’s Ori so that character is & can be developed as well.
*Coconut products are not used
*Tree nut products are not used
*If you have taboos against snails or certain ewe, please be sure to confirm with Iya Ifayomi before purchase.
This item is sold ONCE a month with a limited availability of 40 in total [20 Omiero & 20 Ose Dudu].
Orders Open on the 8th of the current month, and will ship by the 30th of that same month.
This allows time for prayer, invocation, & activation to take place.
Each order will come with the space for you to provide prayers/request.
Each order will come with instructions on how to use the product.
*This is a religious item, & results are not guaranteed, however they are dependent on the development of one’s character (Iwa) & alignment with one’s Ori as everything we do has to have the approval of our Ori.

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Omiero (Bath), Ose Dudu (Soap)


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“Often, people take herbal medicines for a physical response,
but what they find is that the body responds in an
emotional way to the plant medicine they’re taking.” 

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