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To provide the community with the tools & information necessary to incorporate affordable alternative & herbal care into your pursuit of health and well being. We assist groups both online and within the St. Louis Metropolitan Area that are disproportionately effected by medical discrimination.  We connect African-Americans with plants and the Earth through teaching about Alternative Herbal Medicines.

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Herbalism is understanding that while Western Medicine has its faults, it serves a purpose. There will always be things that they can offer that we legally cannot, and this is okay. While there are instances, especially due to the historical context that the Black Community has had with western medicine, where yes, they are not working in our best benefit. However, there has to be balance, not only for your protection, but for the protection of your clients/family/self.    
Disease, both acute and chronic, conditions have shifted drastically since our ancestors were herbalists, and so the type of care we provide would have to shift as well. This is due to both diet, and environmental conditions/exposure. We are exposed to far greater things than they were, so the remedies used & care provided would be different. This ultimately means that we have to shift our way of thinking, application, and approach.    
Any course that you choose to take with us, will challenge you ego. It will challenge you to consider what’s best for your client/self/family, even if it’s referring them back to their physician, because there is a limit to what we can legally do/say/advise. It’s always encouraged to sit in transparency with oneself and ask if you are okay with that limitation, because it’s not just for client’s protection, but for yours as well.  
We are not replacing their physicians, we are here to assist our clients to have a healthier quality of life, so in my opinion, with need balance with that system of medicine. We are here to advocate for our clients in a system where they cannot or don’t have the access to advocate for themselves.
-Iya Ifayomi


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Where we’re dishing out herbal remedies & education open to the public. Come join us as we learn about It was created to dedicate space & time promoting the knowledge, use and delight of herbs through educational programs, research, and sharing the experience of learning together. 

“Often, people take herbal medicines for a physical response,
but what they find is that the body responds in an
emotional way to the plant medicine they’re taking.” 

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